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Courses Taught

Introduction to Psychology (PSYCH 10)

  • Term: Summer 2022

  • Role: Instructor

  • Rating: 7.63/9


Cognitive Psychology (PSYCH 120A)

  • Term: Spring 2022

  • Role: Teaching Associate

  • Rating: 8.35/9


Cognitive Psychology (PSYCH 120A)

  • Term: Winter 2022

  • Role: Teaching Associate

  • Rating: 8.11/9


Cognitive Psychology (PSYCH 120A)

  • Term: Fall 2021

  • Role: Teaching Associate

  • Rating: 8.68/9

Cognitive Psychology (PSYCH 120A)

  • Term: Spring 2021

  • Role: Teaching Associate

  • Rating: 8.62/9


Research Methods in Psychology (PSYCH 100B)

  • Term: Winter 2021

  • Role: Teaching Assistant

  • Rating: 8.69/9

Cognitive Psychology (PSYCH 120A)

  • Term: Fall 2020

  • Role: Teaching Assistant

  • Rating: 8.56/9

Introductory Psychology (PSYCH 10)

  • Term: Fall 2019

  • Role: Teaching Assistant

  • Rating: 7.96/9

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Anonymous Student Evaluations

“This instructor is excellent overall. He was knowledgeable about all the course topics and good at explaining them. He also was very approachable and helpful during office hours. Students who could not attend office hours could also ask him questions during class or immediately after class. Every aspect of the course was set up well. The poll questions during class made it more interesting and reinforced what we just learned. The weekly quizzes also helped to reinforce the material we learned during the week, without being overly difficult. They were also a good practice for the exams since the quizzes and exams are from the same test bank. This also reduced students' anxiety about the exams since we already knew what the questions would be like generally. I also liked how the instructor sometimes provided interesting and humorous examples about the topics, like Jim using classical conditioning in "The Office". The instructor and course had no weaknesses.” 


“Dillon Murphy has been hands down, one of the best teaching assistants I have yet to engage with at UCLA. Very knowledgeable, knows exactly what students struggle and do well in. Psych 100B is a course that all struggle in, having a TA like Dillon made concepts so much easier. Dillon is attentive, open to questions, and made time for his students to have private zoom meetings for students who were worried about their performance in the class. If I could only change one thing, it would be to have Dillon become a lead TA so that he can make decisions that would benefit the class without having the lead TA's restrain it. For example, Dillon was not able to record labs due to the TA's not allowing it. All in all, Dillon was great, and I will be definitely be nominating him for an award with the instructors department.”

“Dillon has taken the spot as my favorite TA at UCLA. It is evident that he is passionate about research and his enthusiasm for the subject motivated me to do well in the course. I always felt comfortable going to Dillon for clarification on material and he always made sure there was open communication between himself and the class. Overall, I was afraid of the difficulty of the course, but having Dillon as my TA provided me with necessary information and confidence to succeed.”


“Dillon was an amazing TA as he was knowledgeable and caring. He always held interactive discussions and they connected well to the lecture and exam material. I learned a lot from Dillon. He would make a great professor!”


“Dillon has a very unique way of teaching that makes material easy to understand and engaging at the same time. He is very approachable and well informed, so I feel very comfortable reaching out to him for help. His discussions are a pleasure to attend and well worth my time. It is very clear that he has a passion for both psychology and student learning. He is a great TA and would be an even better professor!”

“Dillon is the best TA I have ever had. Not only was he always very encouraging and motivating, but did his best in ensuring that we had all the resources we needed to do well and succeed in Psychology 120A. Dillon started the quarter off by getting to know us all on a personal level and learning our names. He introduced himself as a personable person, so much as to even tell us about his favorite snack around Westwood. Dillon was very professional in class and always explained all areas of weakness perfectly. I am very grateful to have had Dillon as my TA and could not have asked for a better TA.”

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